Curcumin & PCa

In the past few weeks we’ve received several questions about curcumin. So, this week we’re re-running a video Dr. Myers prepared about curcumin back in 2010. (To view past posts, simply scroll down the page.)

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5 comments so far

  1. C.M. Papa, M.D. on

    Curcumin chelates with Fe, as do the tannins in pomegranate extract (same for green tea). After a very thorough G.I. workup, which was negative, my oncologist believes they played a clinical role in my developing an iron deficiency anemia. Iron supplements taken on alternate days from the antioxidants seems to have done the trick and corrected the clinical hematological problem.

  2. AltEngnr on

    Is there any data on sub-lingual/buccosal absorption of curcumin? It would also bypass primary liver metabolism if delivered sub-lingually. Does anyone make curcumin chewing gum?

  3. George T. Cartier on

    In discussing the use of estradiol as a PC therapy, Dr. Myers mentioned the need for a blood serum level equal to a 40 year old woman, as I recall. I looked up the levels for mature women and found they varied from 43 to 498 pg/mL (ref.range). What would be the serum level for the PC therapy?

  4. harold willis on

    Thank you Dr Myers and I wonder if you know of any drug interractions
    involving Resveratrol ext Capsules and what dode do you reccomend.
    I have not been diagnosed with prstate cancer.

  5. John Schappi on

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I recently posted on curcumin with a link to a radio interview with a Baylor scientists who is one of the leading experts on curcumin. He says the best curcumin product for enhanced bio-availability is curcumin BCM 95. See
    (I take a version supplied by Life Extension.)

    I’ve kept a Google alert for several months now on curcumin and I’ve been amazed at the number of scientific studies that are reporting hopeful results on the use of curcumin for all sorts of ailments. See:


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