Xofigo(Alpharadin) + PCa

This week Dr. Myers discusses Xofigo (radium-223 chloride), formerly called alpharadin, for prostate cancer.

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7 comments so far

  1. Pat Camacci on

    It is very hard to make any sense of these videos that keep stopping & starting so the message is lost.

  2. kevin on

    I had the same problem. What works for me is to run it twice. The second time the video plays normally.


  3. John Gibson on

    Or just stop it with the pause button and restart it. That worked for me.

    • Rex Zeiger on

      Try running a cleaner of some kind or a defrag program.
      To Dr. Myers,
      Is this by chance the new drug that was mentioned by Teva Pharama. a short time ago?

  4. Jonathan on

    I am disconcerted that nobody in the PCa community is mentioning the heterogeneity of bony disease in relation to Alpharadin. I’d hoped that Dr Myers would have commented on this.

    This is a promising drug for those with blastic bony metastases…but for those with lytic lesions, not so much.

  5. Charles Myers on

    Lytic bone lesions are very uncommon. The cancer biology is quite different from blastic disease. We treat them VERY differently and generally with great success. For example, high dose estrogen can be quite useful

  6. kirby bloomquist on

    The problem with these new treatments is they do nothing to stem the basic disease. This may repair your metastatic lesions but you still have an incurable cancer which is going to start trouble somewhere else.

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